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Introducing the First Decentralized Network Built to Supercharge Cross-platform Engagement, Promotion, Monetization, and Loyalty.

Seamlessly Connect Your Worlds

npayme OneLink makes managing and sharing your online content and assets easier than ever

Beyond Just Linking with OneLink

Enhance your online presence by creating a no-code instant loyalty program with affiliate marketing capabilities to drive more traffic and reward your followers effortlessly.

Simple, Yet Powerful

Simply link your social media pages using npayme to generate more engagement, monetization & loyalty, and more customers.


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Social Networks


Physical World


Monetization & Loyalty

The npayme Ecosystem

DApps that complement each other and integrate into traditional social media platforms.

OneLink: Seamlessly Connect Your Worlds

Manage and share your online content and assets easier than ever

Everything you create, curate and sell from your Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and other social media profiles. Integrated with all npayme dApps.

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Loyalty programs

ONE loyalty program and community across all platforms. Motivate customers to buy more with gamified points and prizes.

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Affiliate systems

ONE promotion program. Turn your followers into advocates across all platforms, incentivizing virality to get your content in front of millions.

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Monetization strategies

ONE monetization and earning strategy across all platforms. Create Membership Passes to sell your content, products, and services.

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Unlock more engagement, more customers, more loyalty, more revenue, and more value with npayme’s innovative solution.

From Siloed to Supercharged Networks

From disconnected Communities

Today, you engage with your customers and fans on multiple platforms simultaneously, leading to scattered, inefficient results and lower engagement.

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To a Unified Network

Enables cross-platform engagement, loyalty, and membership for more revenue & more customer value.

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Composable Value Layer

The npayme network is designed to maximize the potential for various platforms and assets to work together, powering network effects and supercharging value.



Different blockchain protocols, applications, and assets work together without friction.



Component can be independently developed, replaced, or upgraded without disrupting the entire system.



Consistent framework for creating interoperable tokens, smart contracts, and other blockchain functionalities.


Permissionless Innovation

Open, permissionless environment where developers can freely create and deploy new applications or services.

Network users become network Owners

npayme’s novel network model, proof-of-subscription, is a blockchain-based access verification system where users lock NPAY tokens to unlock different tiers of access and benefits within the npayme network.


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